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Friday, September 7, 2012

Sacred Space Two

As I gaze around this space that I've grown so accustomed to I see trinkets that have meaning; a wooden cross I bought on Ebay (everyone made fun of me for believing monks really made it). It's lying on its side - did the cats knock it over? How did they knock just that over and not all the other stuff? There is a photo of my earthly father, a kaleidoscope I bought as a college graduation present in one of my favorite places -Mendocino, a vase that was a gift from a good friend, a wooden birdhouse my youngest gave me, and a little angel figurine that was a parting gift from a ministry job. All the trinkets are placed wrong because our housekeeper moves stuff around and likes things lined up oddly.

There is soft light from a funky crooked lamp I bought on clearance somewhere (I seem to collect odd bargain basement stuff), and from a candle. The air is sweet from the fragrance of the candle, laden with the scent of lilac. I think heaven is lilac scented.

My chair is smooth leather. Cold in the winter and slippery. I love the feel of the leather and the way the chair cradles my body. My bible is covered in leather. I love the feel of  the cover in my hands, the light heft of the Word, the delicacy of the pages between my fingers. I love just holding it and turning the pages. I adore my Kindle but for the Word of God I have to have my actual Bible. It's just not the same seeing the words on a screen. I have to feel them in my core. The bookcases contain an assortment of books, all of which have memories attached. They are friends who are part of my journey. I love texture so there are a couple of baskets to contain clutter, but also to bring sensory delight with their unique woven patterns.

I often listen to music in this space - generally acoustic offerings - as I find lyrics distracting when I'm trying to listen for God or read or think. Note to self; Bose sound system. Gotta take this space up a notch from my funky bargain basement Ipod speaker that sputters.... I also hear, all the time, all.the.time....static. I suffer (am blessed?) with tinnitus so there is always background noise in my head. Annoying. Aggravating. Accepted. I guess it filters some of the other sounds for me. Constant white noise makes space for more of God. Even with a focused space I find my mind and heart wandering so I have to employ technique (which somehow seems oh so wrong) to stay open and focused. Breath prayer, a centering phrase or word, and gentleness with my distracted self.

Ah, there's the sound of the cat door...and the microwave just dinged upstairs....

What sensory touches help you make a space
into a sacred space? 

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