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Sunday, November 25, 2012


My little grandson - his eyes wide and face turned up - as we look at the big Christmas tree at a nearby outdoor shopping mall - huge ornaments and bright twinkling lights. 
We watch the steps ahead of us, gaze at the store windows, minds racing with the lists of incomplete tasks or burdens we carry. He looks up and around taking in the excitement in the crisp air.

I want to smell and taste and feel each moment of this season as we wait expectantly for the birth of a savior. God in babe. Bright, beautiful and bigger than we can comprehend. Faces tilted, ears straining to ear the voices of the angels as they sing....

May your day be graced with Wonder.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


It's the day before Thanksgiving and in true PNW manner we have downpours of rain, wind, and then "sunbreaks" that are glorious. As I write this I'm looking out my second story dining room window at shimmering golden leaves on an ornamental cherry tree and a brilliant blue sky. God's creation inspires wonder in me regardless of the weather. This weather brought a "boil water" alert to our city - as God's littlest creations have multiplied in the water source to a level that is unhealthful for humans. Do floods in my life allow little sin organisms to flourish as well?

I admit I'm partly driven to write this as a way of convincing Margaret Feinberg to choose me for one of the remaining 26 spaces on her "Wonderstruck" launch team as they prepare to introduce a phenomenal new study on Christmas day. Why would I add this to my life? Well for one it would be a joy to be a part of something that draws us closer into God's presence. When I have a responsibility I find new reserves of self-discipline (so, yes, totally self-serving). It might push me to write more and to soak in His Word more.

It doesn't hurt that my husband and I are dreaming of a trip to Banff this year and this promo video highlights the beauty and wonder of that area. You can view the video here and link to pre-order the study and book yourself! 

To put the icing on the cake Margaret, I'm now headed to the kitchen to make your kick-booty cranberry chutney for my family to enjoy. With double rum and half the cranberries, right? 

The recipe is over here...Worthy Of My Apron
and here.....Margaret Feinberg

Thursday, November 1, 2012

HMC Strong Finish

Dear Ladies,
We are beginning week 12 of our 13 week challenge and I'd like for us all to recommit and finish strong. Perhaps you've run a steady race and just need to maintain the pace you've set. Perhaps you are lagging and tired or dropped out a few laps ago; in that case can we encourage you and help you to move back onto the track and finish with us as a team? Where ever you find yourself in terms of the three goals we set for ourselves (to rise and meet God before we meet our families each day, to move our bodies, and to plan our day), I hope you will push aside any sense of discouragement and get excited about reaching the finish line!

To help motivate and create accountability I want to suggest that we establish a numerical score for ourselves based like this - 1 point each for:
  1. Rising at the time I set for myself
  2. Meeting with God (praying, reading his Word, worship, etc)
  3. Moving my body
  4. Planning
  5. One other personal goal (please share if you are willing)

Each day of the last two weeks I'll post a check in comment and instead of just clicking "like" to check in I'd like you to bravely or humbly post your score (0 to 5 based on the criteria above). Of course you are free to post other comments and encouragements, but let's all help each other press on toward the goal by honestly sharing where we are each day.