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Sunday, December 9, 2012


Sit back, close your eyes and take yourself back to that time when...
      you fell in love for the first time
            there was this singer who made you quiver when you heard his voice
                  you saw the car, you know the one, with the wheels
                  (in case a guy landed here)
                        your child was born
                               and you held that baby
                                      and looked into their eyes...

Remember? The tingly feeling  -  sweaty palms and racing heart?
The overwhelming love and urge to run and shout from a roof top ("Would you look at those wheels!").
That's what I miss. That's what I want in my relationship with God. To be stopped cold and washed over with the thrill of all that HE is. To see his glory in every face, his majesty in creation and his power in circumstances. I've gotten soft and apathetic and I take it all for granted. But do I need a bigger miracle? Or perhaps I need to slow down and reconsider the God of the Bible.

One thing I know is that I'm not a Bible scholar and I'm a bit in awe of those who are. I'm honored to have friends who dig deep and study the Word - women such as Bo Stern who graciously shared her extensive pursuit of Joy in scripture, women like Margaret Feinburg who read the book of Genesis over and over and over for a  year. Really? For a year? Women like one of my first mentors, Rev. Heidi Husted, who brought the inspired words of God to life for me. I'm grateful to have these and other writers and pastors out there to lead and convict and  teach me.

Join me if you will in chasing down that sense of thrill and awe as we encounter the living God of the universe this winter. Join me in reading and applying this new, fresh book and study: Wonderstruck.

You can learn more about this great book by clicking this link: Wonderstruck .
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