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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Savoring Sunday

Pancakes with maple syrup. Strong hot coffee. A crackling fire sans smoke or ash (love love love our direct vent gas fireplace). A book so beautifully written that I back up and re read and savor words and phrases. I'm privileged to be a recipient of a pre-release copy of Bo Stern's new book "Ruthless" and I'm doing a quick first read through this week. I'm reading chunks out loud to my husband (who is trying to focus on an important RFP)...he's adding to my Sunday joy by reading aloud a news article about the baseball playoffs as some sort of retaliation.

Here's the thing, I'm so grateful to Bo for digging in and studying GOD and then leading us into a deeper understanding of God's character, which I firmly believe is bedrock for a sustainable faith. The book is super readable ...even for poor old eyes squinting at a PDF on Kindle. I really can't contain my enthusiasm and I want you to pre order this book right now. It's on Nav Press and and if you are a Prime member you can skip the shipping costs on Amazon.  This may well be the best $10 you could spend on yourself, or a friend. It releases on Jan 7th and if you order it now you will have your copy hot off the press.

If you'd like to journey through this book with me next spring send me a little note...

~blessed on this foggy, quiet, lovely Sabbath~

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