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Thursday, January 1, 2015

One Word....One Day

Today is the one day each year when we set our intentions for the course of the next 364 days....a point in time at the cusp of lots of time.  How we react to the words we set on paper or in our hearts on this one day depends I suppose on our personality - do we carry forward achieving the goals we have set for ourselves? Do we give up a few days after missing the mark repeatedly? Do our "resolutions" pile on guilt or stir us to action?

I'm personally not "good" with resolutions....too lazy, undisciplined, whatever it is I find it hard to choose a list of steps and commit to them. In my defense I'd like to be more fluid and be in a constant state of transformation. I'm also averse to failure and so it's easier to not commit to change and just celebrate when I stumble upon it.

A relatively new concept has been to choose just one word for your year (One Word 365) and here again I find myself flailing about unable to settle on just one word to guide my year. In the past I've had a motto for the year ("Do Less More Fully", "Excellence not Perfection", "Be Fully Present") but when I try to choose a word I over-think it. 
I'd like a pretty word like "Flourish" - doesn't that sound lovely? And it looks so nice in a feminine script....flourish... 
Perhaps a restful word like "Abide"...reminding me to Let It trust and not strive..
Maybe I should take on a meaty word like "Risk" or "More"...oooh that makes me tired and a bit frightened just seeing it on paper. 
So another New Year's day is upon me and yep I wanna lose 30 pounds and be kinder and really live in obedience to God's call to join him in His work of reconciling the world to himself....a new planner and a list of nice measurable goals speaks to my little organizational soul (I'd be sure to add some fun ones like "read a new book every month") but in my inaction here's what happened to me.

My girls bought me my first "Glassybaby" votive for Christmas and the one they choose was called "Strength". It's beautiful (like they are) and serves as a reminder that my strength comes from the power of the Holy Spirit - that flame inside that empowers and convicts me.

Then I saw this pop up on my Facebook news feed in a thread about choosing your "one word" for the year...and the coincidence of the color and the word made me pause for a moment. God's action in my life has truly been one of persistence and patience and I want to be faithful and strong for Him and for my family.

So, STRENGTH it is...I will recognize and celebrate the strength that is my identity in Christ, I will rely on His strength in the tough moments and pray that my character muscles will grow from constant use and that the end of the year will find me kinder, more peaceful, joy-filled, overflowing with love and goodness and proven faithful to the gospel.

Where are you heading this year?  

I arise today 
Through God's strength to pilot me: 
God's might to uphold me, 
God's wisdom to guide me, 


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