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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random Musings - Sacred Space One

I used to have my quiet times upstairs - less private but it affords a filtered view of the sunrise peeking through the neighbor's trees. I love seeing the sky wake up and always feel a bit in awe of God's mastery in creation. Now I have a very sweet little space downstairs with a candle, comfy chair, treasures to look at, all my books, and sometimes even my pen. I cherish my time in my sacred space, but my view is of the lawn and fence. The sunrise presents only as a lightening of the scraps of sky that are mostly covered by the vegetation. Today I moved between spaces. It's interesting to note the difference in my spirit when I can see the sun rise. As I watched for the hue to change I was aware of the physical hunger in my belly, a headache, a very sore shoulder, and yet mostly I was aware of peace. Downstairs I find myself more focused but less free. I also find myself unconsciously turning my chair away from the window (towards bookcases) - perhaps to remove even the distraction of light and creation?

What does your sacred space look like?

 What elements help you to find spiritual space with God? 

If you have not claimed an area of your home - can you? 

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  1. Right now I just plop myself on the family room couch, but I do need to make my own little spot. Can't decide if I prefer cozy & tucked away or near the window & light.