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Monday, February 11, 2013

40 Days to the Cross

This blog was conceived two years ago as a form of Lenten discipline - both of engagement and abstinence as I stretched to respond to more while pulling back from words and mindless activity.

Lent approaches and my heart doesn't feel ready. My plans are not settled. What shall I "give up", what practice should I hone, what scripture is calling me to focus and study and go deeper?

I've been surrounded as of late with the subject of suffering and patience and trust. One group I participate in is studying Job, a book I just opened is a thoughtful study of trusting God, and a book I've been long awaiting debuts this week and promises to thrust my heart and mind even deeper into the concept of God's presence with us in the battle. (Click here to order this amazing resource - Beautiful Battlefields, by Bo Stern!). So perhaps for Lent 2013 as I journey to the cross I will  not plan but instead will wait, and listen, and rest. My prayer is that my hunger for both God's word and his voice will increase and my desire for aimless pursuits will dimish. 

Lastly I'm grateful for Shrove Tuesday because I forgot to plan a dinner for tomorrow and we have plenty of pancake mix. God is good and faithful to provide!

Tomorrow we begin the journey of 40 steps ....

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