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Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello Morning Challenge Summer 2013

This Spring was a little "hinky" for brought the joy of a new granddaughter and the honor of spending time with my youngest as she found her rhythm as a mother. Another daughter took a big step in moving forward from a hard chapter into a better one. With good gifts sometimes we encounter messy stuff too. My schedule was interrupted and my plans had to be extra fluid and I found myself really missing the practices that set my day in a framework. I'm going to make my summer a time of intention!

I'd love for you to join me and a group of 14 other women as we commit to rising and meeting with the Lord, moving our bodies, and planning our time. Since I need to rest a bit later these days my group will have a later check in, so I've invited sisters in Hawaii and Alaska to join us. Their early morning is just about the right time for me to grab that second cup of coffee and check in.

To learn more about the challenge and register please use this link:
Please find the group that best fits your time zone and interests - check out a few to find your favorite.
My group is listed under both Facebook Pacific and Overseas.
(Direct link to my group, click here)

We'll be studying the book of John this summer using the free study guide that Inspired to Action will provide, begining May 6th. 

Grab a friend, daughter, mother...and give it a try!

Blast from the past: My mother, grandmother, myself (dad) and cousin.

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