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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hunger: 6 PM

The bags of potato chips on the counter at work have been mocking me all day...thank goodness they were sealed bags for the temptation to snag a chip or two might have overwhelmed me.

Of course when we fast we feel hunger. I always feel guilt too. Guilt for feeling whiny and crabby when so many in the world are hungry every day....guilt for needing a prompt like my stomach to prod me to pray with more intention. Even guilt at the fact that I can break the fast and stuff myself with food at any point and sadness that I am so very easily tempted.  But I am glad that I also feel gratitude and longing for more...I only wish my hunger pangs for God's word resonated through all of me the way my hunger pangs for physical food do. And it's good to close the day feeling satiated (there's a family joke in there), content in filling myself with a bit more time with Him. That feeling of contentment seems to stem, today at least, from being reminded of God's power and holiness.

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