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Monday, August 13, 2012

Get Ready to get set to go - Warm Up #4

Getting to know we get ready to go!

In order to cheer you on and for us to grow together, it will help if we know a little about each other. It's perfectly ok if you feel like you need to wait a bit to share...but if you are ready please post on the Facebook  page (you can click the underlined "Facebook" and it will take you right there!) and tell us who you are. Married? Single? Kids? Ages? Do you know the people in this photo? Really, if that is your husband and your boys...well...good for you! See, kids love it when their parents spend time in the Word! 
Don't those boys look happy?

If would be wonderful to hear some of the answers to the "why" homework - what is motivating you to take the challenge, what is the hardest part of it, what are you hoping to gain?

Inspired to Action asked me to describe myself with only 5 words - which was a huge challenge for me and of course I'm not really happy with the five I chose (mom, grandma, cook, sojourner, shopper). I'm bothered that I didn't chose "wife" or "God's Daughter", my oldest daughter chose "shopper" for me which is true, but I'm not sure that's how I really want to be known. Truth is, "Sojourner" is the best fit....I'm sorta wandering through life looking for truth and leaning on truth and I'd love to share the journey with you.

So, tell us who you are!

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