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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I spend most of my days with a 3 year old who says "why" all day long, to everythingI really don't recall my kids doing this and I swear it's about to drive me to distraction. So that's my excuse as to "WHY" it has taken me so long to do this simple homework assignment and share it!

Fill your WHY Reminder with visual and written reminders of WHY you are doing this. 

  • List all the reasons WHY you want to Maximize Your Mornings. 
  1. Over the years I've learned that if I don't start the day with a plan it slips by...and over the years way too many days have slipped through my fingers. They are gone forever.
  2. I'm in a new season of my life and need to be focused and productive.
  3. I have some health issues that limit my stamina and energy, so I'd better make the most of mornings! By afternoon I'm crispy!
  4. I want my time and talents to Glorify God.
  • List the benefits - to you, your children, your husband and your future.
  1. The stronger and closer my relationship with God is, the stronger and closer all my relationships can be.
  2. I'll be more at peace, feel better physically, and feel successful.
  3. I think building a slightly different morning habit will lead to building other good habits...which should enrich my future

  • Make a morning mp3 playlist.

    • I prefer instrumental music for quiet times as the words distract me - so I like Andrew Burchett, David Nevue, and any worship music.

  • Picture your perfect morning and write it down.

    • I wake up rested and not in pain. I spend as long as I want listening and talking to God, meditating on His word, listening to lovely music and sipping really good coffee. The weather is nice - sunshine, soft breeze, cute little critters outside. A beautiful breakfast tray with a no-calorie cinnamon roll, fresh cantaloupe and berries, some crispy bacon and more wonderful coffee shows up at my chair. All the laundry is done and I have a really cute outfit all set to wear. My hair looks great. My toes polish themselves.  Oh and I am sitting at the beach in Hawaii. : ) 

Honokowai - Maui

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