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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Get Ready...

Remember the anticipation you felt as a kid when someone called out "Ready, Set, Go" and a foot race commenced? You focused your hearing, your heart picked up speed, your body tensed as you waited to hear "Go!" and spring forward into the race.

Hearing the word "Challenge" and having a start date (August 20th) has me just a teeny bit excited and in anticipation of the official start of our fall commitment to rising earlier and starting our days with God. It's hard to wait for good things! It's sorta like getting a new diary in December...ah the long wait until January 1st so you can start writing in it!

So let's start now to prepare for our fall challenge. We had a homework assignment asking us to consider why we were participating and to share some of our thoughts in our Facebook Group (which is closed to all others - only members of that group can see what you post. There are still a few ladies in the group who have not made their full commitment to the challenge and I want to give them some time to decide. After August 20th I will delete anyone who is not registered from the group).

I think considering "why" is a good way to more fully commit to the process. If there are elements that seem scary or hard I hope you will feel safe to share those concerns. We come with a wide variety of backgrounds and can encourage and affirm each other if we are open and honest. Part of getting ready is addressing fears, strengthening our resolve, and praying for ourselves and our sisters..

Father as your daughters get "ready" to build our days from the morning out, we pray to you for our hearts to be open and teachable, for our misgivings and wills to be submitted to you, for the excitement of beginning anew to be contagious to everyone in our group. Give us a deep desire to meet with you. We love and praise you and it is our joy to serve you. Amen.

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