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Friday, August 17, 2012

Before We Go

This weekend as we move toward our official challenge launch on Monday I'd like to suggest that you clear space in your head and heart by sitting quietly with God for a few minutes each morning.
"True silence is the rest of the mind; and is to the spirit, what sleep is to the body; nourishment and refreshment." (William Penn)
Don't fret about your Bible reading or journaling or intercessory prayer...just sit in silence with God. For some of us this is a very, very hard practice - for others it's a place we find ourselves drawn to easily. No matter where you are on that spectrum find just a few minutes to quiet your inner space. Remember the feeling of a little one snuggling up and resting in your arms, completely at ease? Be that little one with God. Rest in Him. Listen for His whisper of love to you. 

May your weekend  be blessed with recognition of the abundance in your life, with joy in your relationships and with His perfect peace over all your moments. See you Monday morning!


  1. This is beautiful Karen!! Your ladies are blessed to have you for an AC

  2. Thanks Julie! This challenge is already so rich and varied - I look forward to seeing where we find God leading us the next three months.