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Monday, March 21, 2011

In the shadow of the cross

The great Christian insight is that we come from God and we return to God. At points in between we sometimes wander. Spiritual wandering is often understood as a circle in which we ultimately return to the important relationships that sustain us, give us life, and give us meaning. Give yourself time to wander about in your faith today.
Copied from the d365 Journey to the Cross online devotional for March 21. (Hint, be sure your speakers are on - wonderful music there too!)

As I wander in the shadow of the cross it reminds me of God's limitless love for me even when I don't or won't raise my eyes to see the cross itself. The shadow of the cross is a place for me to safely reflect and rest, shaded and protected. Lent itself seems to be a season of shadow leading to darkness. When the cross falls the light returns in full glory.

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