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Monday, March 14, 2011

Jessica's "Daily Affirmation"

I just love this video of a little girl finding joy in everything in her life. I want to be as positive as she is...and I want to approach my days and my lists and my struggles with her same "I LIKE" attitude.

As you walk through the days of Lent what are you grateful for? Write those things down and let them imprint on your soul. Practice the discipline of thanksgiving and be watchful for the subtle change in your view of the world and for the softening of your heart.

"Thanksgiving is the oil of gladness that anoints and heals the saddened heart. Thanksgiving is the solemn rebuke of the wayward energy of our anger."

From "To Guard the Heart", Fr. Stephen

(full text of "To Guard the Heart" found here)

For today Lord, I will embrace gratitude, I will soak in contentment. I will like everything you trust me with.

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