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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Here we go again. Hupakouo.
I get the heed part.
I get the part about obeying. And I find submission freeing.
I think I might have the hearing part a little messed up though...

HEED. Harken. who on the knock at the door comes to listen who it is...

That's it. I need to just go to the door at the knock and listen.

I've been listening to a couple of new worship songs over and over. Earlier this week I listened to one for over two hours. OK, true confession time. I can't figure out how to get the repeat stopped on my iPod and I'm too proud to ask anyone besides Haley for help. What am I gonna do with that girl going off and getting married? No one else can roll their eyes at me so lovingly.

These two songs in particular are burning holes in my soul. They speak of the truth and power of God's love and care for us. By playing them over and over it's a worship practice similar to lectio divina. The lyrics settle into my heart and mind and bring peace.For the same reason I love reading the same Psalm daily. God's very word seeping into the pores of my spirit.I think I can hear better when I've settled my mind and heart with the rhythms of music and scripture.

What practice helps you to more clearly hear God?
What practice do you have "on repeat" that needs to be changed? Is it time to move forward to the next track?

Grace and Peace on a Thursday in Lent.

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