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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where's the water?

Perhaps a bowl of sand can help us remember our journey. God led the people in their journey in the desert. Jesus himself reenacted that journey to face his own temptations. The desert can be a place of retreat, where there is a freedom from distractions. It can be a good place to be led and to face our temptations.

Watch for the temptation to settle. Like the Israelites we get weary and want to just rest, and in our apathy can neglect to continue on the journey God has set forth for us. The desert can be a reminder to keep moving.

40 days in Christ's footsteps, moving from the desert to living water, from shadow to light, from death into life. Have you seen the shadows retreat as you've walked toward the cross these past weeks?

This week of holiness - this glorious and grim week - as you journey ever closer to the cross will you give yourself away? Will you replace your will with His? Listen! He's calling.

(Note - the Inspirations page is updated with a wonderful sermon to watch and ponder)

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  1. Dear Karen,

    A whole blog centered around sand... amazing! I'm visiting here via Ann's because I like to visit my neighbors and you posted after me today on her site.

    Thanks for asking the penetrating questions. It was good to be here.